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She. Is going. TO DIE!

I arrived home last night, to find my beloved trevor fish on his side and looking a bit discoloured. I paniced, and immediatley changed his water so that it was fresh. Whilst he was out of his main bowl and in the temp one that i put him in while hes being cleaned he started tilting loads to his side. It was so upsetting seeing him like that. He has been so strong and fought it off for so long.

I put him back in his main tank but left the bridge out. I thought id leave out the chance of putting something potentially infected back in his tank. He seemed OK to be honest, wasnt swimming on his side any more, but his balance was all fucked up. I gave him some snap and went out for the night.

I came home and the first thing i did was check on him and he still seemed OK. He didnt look right, but i thought he might jsut be trying to get better. I went to sleep with a little tear in my eye, and woke up about 7am to find him floating on the top of the tank.

To say he’s a little £2.50 fish, i was really really upset.

I have jus told gemma and she seemed upset too. I dont care what she says, im buying another fish tonight. I need to have a fishy now. I want trev back tho 🙁

Anyway, im so going to kill the woman in that pet shop. I cant exactly take a dead fish to work with me so i havent exactly got proof, but im gonna go in and moan like fuck!

I could honestly cry 🙁

R.I.P Trevor. 🙁

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