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Tick tock tick tock

I was at a very low point last night. Me and dave are doing great and the business is going from strength to strength. The only problem is getting paid. We have to (obviously) wait for people to pay us from jobs we have done, its such an annoying process. Its kinda how business is tho, there isnt a lot we can do apart from remind people to pay us.

I mentioned the fact i was feeling shitty to a very good friend of mine, and she basically told me to take a step back and assess the situation that im in. And i guess when i weigh things up im in a better position than some people.

I just want to be able to buy a mars drink when i want one 🙁

Thats not too much to ask is it?

1 Mars drink?

I darent ask my mum for help, or my dad. They have bailed me out enough times as it is. And there isnt realy anyone who can help me out financially apart from them.

Hopefully, one day in the future i will look back and laugh at the predicaments i get myself in. And belive you me, the people who have helped me, supported me and stuck by me will be rewarded massivly!

To be honest, apart form my amazingly wonderful girlfriend, its only my friends that keep me from going insane.


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It’ll come good soon. stick at it and all your hard work and effort will be worth it. wont be long before your shouting the mars drinks for your mates!

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