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Time is running out…

I have no idea where the last month has gone. All i seem to hear is, “Oh, its friday again.” Its mental! Today we have been chasing a few invoices up, and visiting a few people. Its been ace, we got some fresh air, saw some sights, and had a nice steady day. I have been trying to finish a shop for a client but i have been having issues with the installation.

My laptop is right pissing me off. I cant seem to get the bluetooth dongle to work, which means i cant get my pictures off my phone. Also, i cant get the gallery java uploader to work, which means i cant even publish the images to my site, even if i could get them off!

I have also realised that i have lost the blogging spark. I have been a passionate blogger since 2001/2002? And i usually go through phases of not being interesting enough to blog about – well i think so anyway – so i take a break and resume when im interesting again.

But as of late, i have just not had the time, or the subjects to blog about!

Oh well.. i hope to get back to normal soon 🙂

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