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Multi Multi Tasking

Yes, i wrote multi twice. I have set up my 2nd laptop under my desk, and i have a Windows Remote Desktop window open all day long. I am able to easily get on my phone, get my pics off, upload them, play music (the headphone jack and speakers are screwed on my new lappy) and it leaves my actual work PC free of shit, and with lots of spare memory. Its great. So now im a multi multi tasker! Bo!

I have also mastered the configuration of the tomtom software on my N73. I aquired a new version of the tomtom gps software as i read the version more freely available didnt run on series 60 version 3 of the symbian operating system. I hunted and hunted, and finally found the right software. Finally managed to get it installed.. No maps found! found maps, installed.. NO MAPS FOUND! Grrr… Eventually after ages of reading about i read that if you put the map files in a folder called Great-Britain_map in your root directory of your memory card it would work! I loaded tomtom, and it did! The GPS reciever works fine too (thanks djb), and i tried it today on my way home. Gps for next to nowt! What a bargain!

Works going fine, we have done more work for the council, and they want some flyers printing and some posters printing that are going to be displayed in job shop’s and other such finding work stylee places.. Should be good, although ive only ever been in one of them establishments once, and that was with a friend.

Work to do anyway, so cant ramble on all day.

Peace out homies.

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