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I am getting seriously pissed off waiting for my memory to come for my laptop. I ordered it WAY before xmas, it came shortly after xmas and turned out to be the WRONG memory. It didnt even fit into the laptop! AND It was 256, not 512. So im having to make do with teh stupidly low amount of RAM i have in it. Argg it makes image editing nearly impossible!

I have sent it back, but i bet they kick up a fuss about it, and try and claim i have swapped it to try and blag them. Its a good idea, but no, i havent. SEND ME MY MEMORY YOU ASS HOLES!

Had a really good day today to be fair, ive been in a much better mood. My head feels clear and ive managed to get as much work done as my pc is allowing me to do. I always seem to be held back by bloody hardware!

I watched fearless last night. Its the last Jet Li film and it is based at the turn of the last century. Its a fantastic film, some AMAZING special effects, and the story line is not a usual one. Mr Li plays Huo Yuan Jia very well, and once again shows the world that they really shouldnt fuck with him. haha

Going now, cos we gotta pick up free pizza. Mmm free 🙂

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