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Much Better Day

Today has been a lot better than yesterday. I think i was still very depressed from the weekend, and i had something on my mind that was bugging me. I had a bit of a lie in this morning, and we didnt actually come into the office until later, reason being we had to visit a client to help them with something, then we popped into town to look for a big whiteboard.

Today i have mostly been setting up our webcam portal page, and i have also been sorting the hosting clients out. We should be making a profit with the hosting, so why the bloody hell do we have to pay it sometimes?  My mission is to sort the server out, and make it profitable. it shouldnt be hard now i have a spreadsheet with all the clients in and costings etc.

The webcam portal page kicks ass! This little program uploads a snapshot from the cam to the web every 5 seconds, and the page refreshes every 7. It shows the view from outside our office, and in the day you can see the cars clear as day! 🙂

We’d like to have cams all over mansfield (maybe even the country!), but we’ll have to see what happens. View the cam here : removed (the cam refreshes automatically)

I have a mondo headache, so im gonna get dave to take me home soon. Must get some pain killers on the way home i feel sick its hurting that much!

Catch u later guys!


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