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Today is the day

Yes folks, today is the last proper “on the books” work day at MMX3. I have been here for nearly 2 years now.. woh! That has gone stupidly fast! I have really enjoyed working here, the people are great, the job is as laid back as they come, and the working enviroment is second to none. But for about a year and a half i have wanted out. I am not the kind of person that can sit here and do work for the benifit of someone else, over and over, day after day. It depresses me
Like it says in the history part of my blog, i have always been an entrepreneur. I ran mobile discos from the age of about 13, i have designed websites since i was around that age too, i have always been wanting to make a go of things off my own back. And now the next entrepreneural stage of my life is about to be kick started. dave and I have been working on maxxd related things for about 4 years. We have both built the site up (with the aid of our fantastic members and staff – big up yourselves) and it has grown each year. We have gained contacts all over the country who are either related to the car industry, or are a major part of the car industry. And now its time for us to take what we have gained, and use it to benifit others.

It feels fantastic to finally be taking things to the next level. Since sy has left the team we have managed to get so many things done, and so many more doorways of opportunity have been opened. Sy held us back in so many ways, now he is out the way there is nothing stopping us. Our dreams of working 5/6/7 days a week on our own baby, doing work that we like doing, and actually enjoying getting up in a morning and going into work are becoming a reality!

It seems like apart from the occasional fine, or the occasional downer – my life is pretty peachy at the moment. But i cant help feeling a bit worried. At the end of the day im kinda leaving my full time job, and ploughing head first into something that (in a very very very worst case senario) might not work. I guess we have to put some blood sweat and tears into it until it does work. Saying that, parts of it cant fail? I hope!

Anyway, i have got tomorrow off to go to alton towers, and then im paint ballin on saturday. I shall try and update asap.

Oh, and im on my old number for a few days as my old phone wont accept my new sim card. (07841… that number)

Peace out.

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Been waiting for this day forever πŸ™‚

Roll on the good times hey pal.

Hope your ready for some hardcore phone calls, we got hundreds to make πŸ˜›

I raise my glass πŸ™‚ Holllla

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