Day One..

Today i spent the day with dave in the office, which is the first of many more days like it to come. We started off the day at about 9, went for a cup of rosie with Fee, and then headed to the office – stopping by at asda to get a tad of breakfast.

I spent most of the morning preparing my computer for the caining i intended to give it, i love raggin computers but they dont usually like being ragged. In fact the pc i was on was that fucked, i didnt really get much done until i got back after luinch. It had a million viruses, and was pretty damm clogged up with spyware and shit. Its running a lot smoother now and actually responds when i click on things.

Me and dave gel well, and with us both being here it means we can bounce ideas off each other all day long, and in the end we managed to get a fair bit done. It would be great if i was coming in tomorrow to carry on from where we have left off, but sadly im back at mmx3 tomorrow as i traded tomorrow for last friday (when i went to alton towers)

Oh yeah, that reminds me.. Alton towers was AWESOME! Rides were mint, and the fireworks at night was spectacular. Me, Gem, Chaz and Stu had a awesome time, although we did get wet right at the end when we went on the log flume.

I also went paintballin on saturday – which HURT LIKE FU*K – but was absolutly awesome! Ive never spent so much cash in one weekend, but it was worth every penny. I will update tomorrow in more detail, as right now im feeling a bit tired and i think me and dave are doin’ one.

So in conclusion, a brilliant weekend, followed by a very successful 1st day in the office.

Job’s a Gooden’

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