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His name is Robert Paulsen

Actually, his name is winston. As that is the name i give to everything. I chose that for my post title as thats what they chant in “Fight Club” when “Bob” dies – and its the first thign that sprung into my head when i started writing “His name is..” Anyway, he is my new mate, hes a prickly fucker, but hes no trouble and just gets on with his business. He is probably quite diseased, so i didnt go too close to him. But we are homies now..

Introducing, winston!

Winston the Hedgehog

He has lived in my back garden for a while now we think and just seems to rustle about in the night eating berries and small worms and stuff. He didnt seem afraid of the camera, and he didnt even curl up into a ball when i got close to him. I think he is only a baby tho. I recon im gonna leave him some food out tongiht, what do we all suggest i give him?

  1. Milk and Bread?
  2. Cat Food?
  3. Kebab? (he mgiht actually eat some of his relatives depending on where i get the kebab from haha)
  4. Pizza?

Im not sure what the preferred choice of food is by hedgehogs, they dont talk you see.. But im sure i heard you are supposed to break bread up into bits and soak it in milk. Ill google it later, but if you have any sugggestions then please feel free to comment.

I had a right mad night last night. I went to my mums with dave, to have my dinner that she’d plated me up from sunday. I ate it whilst dave read the paper, and we all chatted. Then shellybob rang me and his ma’ was out so we went round there for a few beers. My mum initially said we could take her car, but it was a good job we didnt as we didnt leave there till about half 12! Me and shelly was wasted, dave was as straght as a judge as he was driving me home. I spoke to Gem on webcam as i couldnt get up to her house to see her, it was nice to see and hear her for a bit. I miss her when shes not with me 🙁

I got home and made a few phone calls that took me up to about 2:30am, when i finally crashed in bed. I was blatently late for work this morning, but mark wasnt in, and no one else seemed to be bothered! I am gonna miss the laid back attitude of this company when i finally leave. If me and dave didnt have “take over the world” plans, then id quite happily stay and milk it here for a few years.

My final thought for the day.. O2 are a bucnch of wankers.. I was on orange for a year, and my bills were reasonably cheap. I never really went over £50. My last o2 bill was over £100, and ive reached £70+ already this month. I know im using my phone more but god DAMM! I think il call into the shop tomorrow and moan like fuck. My phones playing up, and my bills are too much. Sort it or miss out carphone warehouse bastards!

ive spent most of today trawling the web for funky fresh wordpress themes. But i cant find any. So i settled for this one, after trying about 20. It will do for the time being.

Edit – Death By Chocolate Milk Wiggy had a thing on his site, and it could work out how many of your favorite drinks it would take to kill you. My favorite drink is mars drinks, and the closest it had to that was Chocolate Milk.

It would take 2962.05 glasses of Chocolate Milk to put you down.

Damm.. best not ever drink 3 thousand glasses of milk.. You know.. Like you do 🙄 😆

Wow, if it was mars drinks, that would be nearly £2000 worth of mars drinks.. Mmmm

Peace Out

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Firstly hedgehogs drink milk and eat cat or dog food (my weird aunty keeps loads of them) and secondly thats very rare for it to let you get close to it and take a pic – they shuld roll up straight away really!

Secondly, I’m with O2 and haven’t had a problem yet. 750 txts 750 minutes for 35 squid! works out cheap as the call rates after that are cheap too.

Dave, eat shit and die. If i want to spend the time inbetween babysittin the new employe, looking for fresh themes.. then i will..

Go suck your own cock, and choke to death, maggot fucker!

Fi – i thought it was pretty rare too.. he was only little.. so he prob hasnt had many encounters with humans..

Ill leave him some milk and shit tongiht.. 🙂

Speak to D.
He has some pay as you go sims for a fiver. They include 1000 texts, and 150 minutes if you put £30 on them. You also get cash back every few months or so.
Karls just had one so he’ll know all the gubbins about whats what with it! 😀

How cute!!!! I think they eat cat food and milk like Fi said. dont get too close to it though, there full of ticks usually i think

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