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Youngest Ever Soldier

Youngest Ever British Soldier

Here is Jimmy. He is the youngest person ever to join the british army. He is 7 years old, and likes “Blowing shit up” – We were not allowed to interview him, so we spoke to his mother who was based in iraq with him. We asked her why he was fighting for our country at such a young age, and why he wasnt out playing with his friends in parks etc. She replied “Jimmy has always been a war-y bastard, and was always facinated with guns. We took him to a army recruitment day so he could see inside an army base, and by the time we left he’d been enrolled into the RHR. We are very proud of him”. We managed to ask jimmy one question, we asked what he thought would happen when he first killed someone, he replied “they would die”


Ive had a great weekend, we went ice skating on friday – which was a right laugh. Stu could actually skate which was a total dissapointment as i expected him to be falling over. He could skate really well actually.. I think me and dangerous need to go somewhere else skating next time as sutton really is too small. Later on we all went back to my house and had a mad session of drinking etc. We hit the sack about midnight ISH and then had a nice lie in on saturday morning.

I took my phone to the Carphone warehouse as i think i need my firmware updating, but they told me i had to ring up and they would do it remotley. I rang up, and they said i had to go into the store to do it. Wankers.. I have got to work this morning and my joystick on it has stopped working properly so im rining up later and gona get it replaced. I dont pay my bills to have a none woring phone! Sort it out O2 you bunch of pricks! Has anyone else had a problem with a Nokia N73? Or any new ish nokia? Mine just keeps going REALLY slow! Grrrr
Saturday night was awesome too, nice and chilled and a nice early night – as i had to work on sunday 7:30am to 7:30pm. Work was shit, and even mroe shit than usual as my laptop speakers stopped working so i had to make do with radio 1 for 12 hours! Arggggg! Plus it rained from the start of the shift, to the end.. Sunday night was another chilled one, which in all fairness im beginning to love. I love relaxing with the people i care about around me. πŸ™‚

Oh, and it seems that im now a cock as well as a big ego’d twat. This guy is original isnt he! The first time i read his sorry excuse for a blog, i got the impression that it would start being used to stir shit in my life. I almost forsaw him writing shit on there to send me into a state of paranoia. But you know what, its not gonna work. I will talk to her about the things you have written, but i will believe what she says when she replies. Its called trust, something you obvioulsy have no concept of.

What’s ironic, is that he mentioned that he was suprised that i read his blog. Why? Its on the internet mate, and thats means its freely available for anyone to do whatever they want with – it doesnt help me being an internet whore, and sucking up webpages like a dyson. I read everything… Plus, the only way he could of known i read his – is by reading mine. So, what are your reasons for reading mine? Either your addicted to the words of wisdom i quite often spawn from my overactive imagination, or its so you can keep tabs on whats happening with me and a certain person. What, so are you a stalker now? Can you not move on, face facts, and realise you blew your chances? You had a shot.. two in fact.. Just fuck off and get on with your life now, savvy? Im sure you wont find it hard to pick up the pieces, seeing as you rock so much.. Although i think its only you that thinks you rock.. Or so your blog URL suggests. πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
Im training the new guy up today, and this is my last proper week at MMX3. After this week, the future’s bright, the future’s maxxd. Holla at ya boy!

Work prevails.. Adios amigos..

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Easy matey. Good weekend i’m glad to hear. So you worked SATURDAY and SUNDAY yeeeeassssh ?

Mine was kinda steady. All nighter on Friday, chilling on Saturday, and errrr more chillin on Sunday. Oh yeah, went out for a test drive in a new car. hahahaha, ssssshhhhhh πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› – Roll on LSOM is all i’m saying πŸ™‚ bbbwwwmmmm tssshhh. (You want pickin up?) haha

I’m currently on the laptop doing profit/loss analysis, job costings, and getting my head wrapped up in large figures. Theres sooooo much to do. Man we so need some staff right now.

As for you being a big headed ego cock, hahahahaha, how right is the man, you cock muncher, hahahahaha, only kiddin marra πŸ˜› – Tis a shame for him BUT (theres always a BIG BUT) its not your fault, you didnt force her into leaving him for you, that was HER choice and therefore she is totally responsible. Its a mere jealous stage and will blow over i’m sure. All I will say is be careful, you know what I’ve told you, the last thing I wanna see is you get hurt.

Time is going so damn quick and more works coming in, are you ready to be the busiest you’ve ever been ? I bet you pull all your hair out before I do, haha.

Anyways, this was a break from the figures, bit long I know but I best get back to the maths.

Hollllla πŸ™‚

IM not gonna go posting links to his site, i dont want him having teh satisfaction of gettin loads of hits, plus i dont want his URL appearing in my website stats.

Also the chav txt tlk mks it hard 2 read innit blad safe πŸ˜†

Some people need english lessons. Yes, i know i make typo’s but i can actually spell.

At the end of the day, hes trying to make out she lies a lot. But i cant see what she can be lying about? she mgiht not be telling me the whole truth about certian things, but its not like were married. At the end of the day she’ll let me in 100% when shes good and ready, she has her own life and she does what she wants. I dont control her. Although we do seem to be getting closer every time we see each other πŸ™‚

Its probably the most mature relationship ive ever had, she’s great to talk to, great company, and is so bloody gorgeous. If i was her ex, id be kicking myself πŸ™‚

Anyway BINCHY… if your reading this, then why not comment? Voice your opinion on here, instead of on your own blog that no ones ever gonna read.

Im not kicking myself. why would i be. Dont even know you matey.

My opinion pretty straight forward. Im more fucked off with ur girly friend for liein al the time but hey ho.

And that she cheated on me with you, but i dont hold that against you. I would do exactly the same if she came 2 me when she was with you. πŸ™‚

Your mate dave seems like a top lad! And what he is saying is bob on. Yeah shes great but only thing id say is there has ALWAYS been someone else when or couple of months before she ends it. So just keep that in mind.

Apart from that. Keep Blogging away. Im gripped πŸ™‚

Anything else?


Thanks for the input mate..

And ill bear your comments in mind..


Yes dave i read your comment, and yes im ready to be busy..
I wont get hurt.. Im too laid back..

Strange, how im a cock, a big ego’d twat and a whole heap of other textbook insults on [i]your[/i] blog.. yet now you dont no me and are being nice as pie..

Why is that?

I guess arguing over the internet IS pretty pointless..

Ah well..

wont be long before she wants wiggy πŸ˜†

nah seriously mate… she will

ok then…

enough of this shit! You;er a good lad Mr Stizzle, and i’m glad you’re happy youth! AJ’s tomorrow?

I still think you are them things but im not going to start making trouble or stirring because i havent got the time or the inclination to πŸ™‚

love ya!

Alright fuckface!

Dude all that matters is she left him, she likes you, you’re happy and he’s all alone and now being a bitter little shitbag (which in all fairness is to be expected) but just so you know……………..we don’t think you’re a cock, a big egoÒ€ℒd twat – we think you’re foooookin awesome – our illustrious leader some may say.

Perhaps he got his simp one sillabul words mixed up and instead of cock with big ego he meant stud with big cock!


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