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Not got that friday feeling..

For some reason, its just not sunk in its friday today. I think fridays are beginnign to lose their importance to me, as i work most saturdays. I was supposed to be working this sunday too, but its my mom’s birthday on monday so i gotta be there helping. I say gotta, i dont have to, but your mother isnt 50 more then once!

It seems so weird saying shes 50. I imagine 50 year olds to look.. well.. OLD… and my mum just doesnt! Shes looking really well bless her! And im sure saturday is gonna be a mint day! They are actually opening up AndWhyNot’s ESPECIALLY for my mom on wednesday for a work do (they dont normally open on wednesdays), as shes ret important!

I have done her a little banner thing for that, it reads “Happy Birthday Mum” and it has 50 in big letters in the background. I know how my mum thinks, and she would be really pissed off if there was HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY signs everywhere.. SO mine kinda doenst say shes 50, but does.. 🙂
Anyway, i think im gonna have a night rebuilding my caddy, and trying to take my fuel tank off it – so it can be cleaned. I hope i dont lose my mojo when i get home and just sit there doing nawt – which seems to be the vison i have right now. haha..

Finally, i hate writing my blog entries with the thought i might offend someone whos reading it. So if i do, im afraid its tough shit. Im gonna start truelly speaking my mind, and if that means people start to dislike me, then so be it.. I strongly belive people should be 100% open about everything (well, nearly everything) and that if people are reading it then they should see it as my point of view – and not an opinion that i push onto other people.. If the world was a honest place, it would be a much nicer place to live 🙂

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