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Headache from smiling..

Yes, i have a splitting headache, brought on from drinking too much champagne and smiling at so so many people. I think it was ste mentioned to me that i mgiht suffor from migranes, i think your right ste buddy. It feels like someone is sticking pins in my eyes.

My mums bday went great, she so does not look 50. She looks healther and younger than she did 10 years ago! About everyone my mum knew was there, there were SO many people. The garden, conservatory, kitchen, dining room, conservatory 2 AND the utility room was full! It was CRAZY! I only drank about 4 glasses of champagne all day, i started to balance it out with orange juice then i just got a headache. I ended up being bar man after that, which i quite enjoyed actually.

I once again witnessed the typical;

“hi how are you? long time no see”

“hi yes, im fine, how are you?”

“Yeah im great, so what you up to nowadays?…” 

..Conversation many many times, i kinda laugh about it while im doing it.. Its one of those things that you know is gonna happen, and does numerous times when your at any family/friend based party type situation.. haha..

I had to leave pretty early tho, as our server had been turned off by our hosts. There was some compaint that a hacking attempt had been made from our server, and we were basically dissconnected. Which is pretty shocking really as if the servers off we can access it to fix it. :/

Anyway its back up now and everything seems to be ok. I have just this minute realised i can touch type. I have looked at the keyboard 3 times since i started this paragraph, make that 5. Lol..

Back to the grinder tomorrow. As tony the tiger would say.. Greaaattt! :/

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