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Web Host Client Management..

For ages now ive wanted some software to manage all our hosting clients. I wanted something that would also act as a front end – so that people could sign up for hosting accounts too…

And for ages my tight arsed self has trawled the internet looking for some free software that would do the job. Nothing.. Nothing that would do what i wanted anyway.. So as me and dave were sitting down to sort the hosting bits and bobs out tonight, i thought it was the right time to actually get something sorted..

I found something called Autohost. It intergrates with WHM to allow automatic account creation. It also intergrates paypal, allowing us to bill people directly. It cost me just short of $20, which is jack shit really, so i bought it and installed it..

Its actually really good, its very simple to set up and seems to work fine. The only problem im faced with is, is that there is no direct option to import existing clients from WHM so that they would start being handled by this software. I have found a way to sort it, it means editing one of the files so that it doesnt actually create the account in WHM when i type the details in, it mearly binds itself to an existing account. Its gonna be a pain in the arse to set up,  but once its working it should mean no more worrying about chasing people up!

It even gives people 3 chances to pay their hosting, then it automatically suspends their account if they dont pay! Brilliant! 🙂

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