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Another cool wednesday meeting in early doors, plenty of cars including JT’s gorgeous mk3 golf! wow! Anyway, my good friend chris gave me a windows vista cd, and when we left for the night, i headed back home to install it on daz’s pc..

First i found out you need 15gig free to install it, bummer.. that put the plan on hold.. then i thought id move partitions about, but i remembered daz’s C drive is a 20gig standalone disk. So im going to have to wait to see what daz says – ill see if he’ll let me format his main drive 🙂

Then i get upstairs to find my laptop had flattened its battery. Its got a charger that i bought off ebay, and i dont know if its the socket in the back of my laptop or the plug on the end of the charger – but summat aint right! It keeps losing connection, and its becoming a pain in the arse now, so much so ive had to drag ye old fathful out to write this on! My 5+ year old tosh laptop that is totally indestructable! 🙂

I really dont understand this laptop, it just wont give up! Not that i want it to! I swear it runs twice as fast as my new one – and technically this laptop shouldnt even be high enough spec for a windows xp machine! Its blessed by the gods, and i darent actually format it and put a clean version of windows on.. just in case i can never get it runnin as well as this again..

They sure dont make um like they used to 😉

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