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20 mins, and im off..

To go get ready for court. Im really not looking forward to it. I hope sy doesnt go in a way, as if he does he’s just gonna lie and say he definatly witnessed dave and danny argeeing on a price etc – when i know thats not the truth.

I dont know what ill do if he is jsut stood there lying through his back teeth.

I guess the worst possible outcome is that were gonna have to give him £x a monthm until we’ve paid it all. Its pretty shit as we cant really argue about who ordered them, and we cant refuse to pay due to the fact we cant actualy sell the teeshirts (as they aint good enough quality) These issues are related to this, but we are only being taken to court on “Non payment of teeshrits” Which we are guilty of.

Best possible senario, is the judge looks at the evidence, listens to what we have all got to say and then tells us all to grow up, tells danny that he shouyld ensure he runs his business properly to avoid this happening again – and tells us to make sure desicions within “Maxxd” are thought out properly before being put into play.

Either way, i aint shelling out any of my money. I have done nothing wrong. And to say sy and danny used to be considered some of my best friends? What happened there then?

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