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Munchie Bustin’

Helen has just left after another wonderful evening – and im sat here just finishing the last remains of my soggy toast. Mmm. Anyway, while i was eating it a question popped into my head, and its one that probably pop’s into many peoples heads at many different times of the day.

What is the best munchie bustin’ food?

What food, or consumable item/substance is best – and healthyest for me and every other stoner/midnight feast sufforer to eat late at night?

I know fatty shitty foods are bad, in fact i bet most foods are bad for you at night cos you just lay there and dont burn any of it off. I guess grapes, or fruit would be good. I might buy some grapes, or something easy to eat on wednesday when i get paid.

Ive eaten toast with fake butter stuff on, err margerine (sp?) – anyway its doughy and the butter is probably not good for me. Saying that when i first moved out i ate toast and drank coffee all day every day and that didnt kill me. I lost about 6 stone, lol.. i did look quite ill to be fair..

Anyway, what im gettin at is that i really need to start eating healthy. Its gonna be hard to quit smoking weed right away, so if i improve my diet, keep doing a bit of fitness bits and bobs, untill i can do loads and loads of pressups and support my own bodyweight enough to be able to move onto doing some breakdancing. I will be breakin’ by next nationals. I can rap, but i will choke in front of a audience. So i will learn to breakdance instead!

Watch this backflippin’ space homeboys and girls!

Holla! ahaha

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