My Past Rhymes


I feel it building inside my head, Wishing people around me dead
I want to push you all away, Be by myself, get out your way
I think i kid myself a lot, Say im happy, when im not
the fake smile i wear day by day, Will slowley fade, and go away
Then whats left is a tattered frown, By myself, no one around
Feeling sorry for myself, I brought all this upon myself.
I want to leave and go away, Find a new place where i can stay
A new life, that involves no stress, To get away from all this mess
Though, I often wonder to myself, Do i want power, cars and wealth?
Do i want a wife, and 3 kids?, Or shall i do the things god forbids?
I know one thing, that remains true, Ill always wonder about you
And wonder if we would of lasted? Stayed together until we were past-it?
But, i guess, ill never know this, Ill just hold tight to the things i most miss
Ill try and keep that fading smile, Upon my face, for a short while
I hope that one day you will thank me, And see what i did was not done lightly
Cos its crushed me too, please dont hate me, Although I dont blame you if you do hate me.

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