Out of the ordinary..

Haha, i was in a foul mood earlyer. I really need to travel the world soon for the sake of the people around me. I bet I Know im a right bastard at times. I do have mood swings, and i do have a fuse shorter than your averidge dwarf hampster’s bell end. {although i have never seen one of these i presume its real small}

In conclusion, im sorry if im a bastard to you – its the way i am. I will go away soon and you will all be rid of me so dont panic haha 🙂

Anyway, the out of the ordinary thing that the title suggests is that today, me, Olly, opened a savings account! :O yes! i saved money! Well, technically its a mini cash isa from abbey. But its savings innit! I can only save up to 3 grand in there but when thats full ill just open another. According to my father – who knows his shit on just about every level you can possibly imagine – i can only open one of these mini cash jobbys in one financial year. I doubt id save more than 3g in a year father! rofl
The beauty of an isa is the fucking government cant get their grubby fucking hands on it. I dont get taxed on my interest! yes! camon! £3,000 a year saved for 3 maybe 4 years is a lot of money. More than enough to go travelling and then have enough to sort me out where ever i end up residing.

Im thinking, Renting deck chairs in the bahamas? 😉

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  • Was about to suggest an online Egg account, similar level of interest to an ISA but instant access. However it turns out you get taxed unless your a student or a bum or the many other reasons the government decide to waive tax for these days.

  • it is really, cos u’ve usually already been taxed for earning the money in the first place, so why the hell do they think they deserve a cut of the money whilst its just sat in a bank.. crazy country!!

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