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Ok, me and the lads went to black rock the other day. It was great. It was like “ROck wars” tho, cos there was a different clan of people on each rock. We went at sat in a neutral area, and sat looking out over the fantastic views and picturesque landscape. The sun was setting too, so it made the sky a fantastic colour. check these pics..

VIew 1View of skyKo

Ko always enjoys pulling stupid faces for my blog haha. Anyway, the evening was great. Beer weed climbing and laughing. Its just what every bloke needs on a friday evening. It was the last of the gorgeous days too. We have got shit rain again now! Boo!

Here are my homies anyway, the pics has their names on so now you can see who i refer to when i mention names.


All thats missing is the two daves, and tony.. And stevie b. Even though hes in prison. I guess mat is part of the crew too, oh and how can i forget roobster!

Ive never had a group photo of my mates before. Its great to have something that captures the moment forever!.

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