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Can you blog too much?

Ok, this is my third entry of the day. Is that too many? I just feel i have a lot to say today. I got into a foul mood becasue i kept fucking work up and i just didnt want to be there today. That caused me to be a c**t with dave on the phone, and its just put me on a bit of a downer. As soon as rich comes round im going to my garage to try and jack my caddy up and get the fuel tank off. Will keep me busy for a while.

Ive figured it might be so easy to get it running. Im on about rippin the engine out when its only done 64 thousand miles. Yes, SIXTY FOUR THOUSAND! Most cars of this age have either died or have done 200 thousand miles. This baby just hasnt been used. And im dying to put a good 40K on her!

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