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The Streets, Sway and Professor Green

Well, i can now safely say that i have lived. As i will say from now on, that if you havent seen mike skinner put 110% faith in a bunch fo totally random people, and diving into the crowd (stage dive) – you havent lived!!

I have never had such a good night in my whole life. Sway and Professor green were brilliant. Uk hip hop artists make me laugh, their rhyming is so comical.

First up was professor green. Hes some white guy who tbh is fucking good! I added him to myspace, and i read about him on there. Hes your typical london boi, didnt go to school, smoked weed.. eventually started rhyming. He did a cover of “when you wasnt famous” – as he isnt famous yet.. It was ace!

Then the DJ changed, and teh Union Jack bandannas came out. Sway! Sway! Sway! He walked on and the crowd erupted! I didnt realise people would react to him in the way they did. It was phenominal. He did that little derrick track, and both him and prof green kept dropping random beats from various hip hop tracks thru the ages. Green did a wicked remix of hip hop by dead prez.

Then there was an interval, the decks were removed, stage moved round, a big cup of tea was placed (for mike) the they came out! All their music was live, guitars, drums – they rocked the hell out of rock city!

We didnt get too close, as to be fair  would of got crushed. But if i tryed hard enough i could of spat on anyone in the band. 🙂

We then went downstairs to the afterparty, where me tim and shep rocked till the early morn! I felt at hom with the4se people, and that type of music. Hip hop. Its my thing. Non of this fuckin dance shit.

Prof green and his homieSome bird getting her tits out for skinnerThe StreetsSkinner stage dive


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The streets at Rock City? Is this Rock City in Nottingham, or some other Rock city that I don’t know about?

The Streetsat Rock City… That palce is named kind of strangely if they were there 🙂

Yeah its teh rock city in notts. I think the fact it was kinda a small gig made it 40 times better..

You cant classify the streets as just rap anyway.. Cos of the use of instruments and singers 🙂

Ill deffo be going to more events, as long as i can get in free!

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