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My day have has been lovely. I got up when i woke up about half 12, pissed about for a hour. Went and did all the shit i needed to do in town. I have also priced up a sunroof and a steering coloum from a scrappers. Its only gonna cost £30, so im going to pick that up in the next week. Im sick of having this clio, i need to get caddy working.

Im gonna do the rounds on my mates blogs tonight. Djb has moved onto wordpress which im pleased about. Hes got it to update his msn space too, so that the viewers of that know when hes updated his blog. Check his homepage out too, rofl. legend!

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haha! the logo even has the right font now (cheers wiggy)

Waking up at 12 is clearly the future, then afternoon becomes evening and all sorts of student fun!

and yes get that caddy working, i only ever saw it once and you wouldn’t let me ride in the back!! LOL

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