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Unable to sleep

Now this doesnt happen to me very often, but it does happen when i have something brimming over in my mind that keeps my mind active whilst im trying to sleep

The thing thats on my mind right now is my caddy. I so want to drive it about its not even funny. So i have decided that – regardless of cost, i am gonna get it done! And as quickly as i can!

My Caddy!Caddy!again

Over the next few weeks im gonna strip the exterior of anything strippable. Im going to source a trailer that can carry a car – and im gonna go get a quote for it to be resprayed in jet black again. I will buy two new front wings, because for how much they will bump the cost up thru repairs etc, it would be cheaper to buy two new ones. And i dont care how ilegal it is, im not having side repeaters!

I have a little list of parts i need really, i have most things. I just hope its as strong and well protected underneath as the guy said it was when i bought it. I have got to fit the tank and compressor underneath, oh and i want to put rear suspension and brakes off a mk2 golf / or the doner car from the engine – on it too. That will probably mean having a strut brace of somesort, but i guess i wouldnt be using it much as a pickup anyway!

I just have dreams of driving it about, dumping the suspension at traffic light, then litfing one side up to drive. Then, and only then, will i have the modding bug back 100%.

I just need rid of this clio, and i need to source a seat ibiza/toledo or a golf mk3 TD – so i can steal the engine out of it. Happy daze!

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yes, its true…

i had some more thoughts before i slept last night..

And that is that i think i should try and fix it before i swap out the engine.

As much as i want a deezil, with a little turbo in, i also want the caddy on the road and my main car asap. I can still do the engine swap at a later date..

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