My Past

6 days have passed..

This is my 6th day without her. I cried myself to sleep last night, i don’t no why, i think that the idea i was alone, and unheard made me very sad. I know i chose to be without her, and in the future i will see that is was defiantly the right thing to do. But that doesn’t stop it hurting like a deep cut to the heart.

We have spoken a few times since, and the situation is very real now. As before it seemed like it wasn’t really happening. She has packed all her stuff, and it picking it up today. The bedroom feels so empty without her, so does my wardrobe, cupboard, draw’s, and finally, my life! When i was with her i had purpose, i had a reason to be alive. Now I’m just another one of those single people, plodding along by themselves.

Anyway, i have to start thinking of my future now. And i have made a few decisions. I am going to travel round the world by myself before or when I’m 25. I need to absorb the cultures that are all around me. How can i settle down with 1 girl when there are roughly 325 million women in the world? How can i be sure that when i go traveling, i don’t bump into the most ideal, perfect, and beautiful woman in the world? Ok, i might not, but i cant take that chance.

Soon i am gonna start planning my trip. I know its not for another few years, but i want to make sure i have every detail uncovered, so that i am fully prepared for whatever it is or whoever i meet when I’m by myself thousands of miles from anyone who knows me.

Its quite a scary thought, but its something i want more than anything.

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