My Past

Thursday 8th December…

I feel really tired right now. I have to stay up to watch the late night hollyoaks, because the storyline is proper gripping! – Anyway, i have some things troubling me at the mo. I feel as if im being torn in two. I obviously have my dreams and stuff, and i have plans for my own life, such as starting a business of my very own, and jet setting around the world in search of the freshest trainers or whatever. The stuff that’s troubling me tho, is probably gonna dictate what my next year is gonna be like.

I have been offered a position, as a CCTV operative. For the time being anyway. As the company grows (thor-security) i will (apparently) grow too. And the way duncan put it, he wants ME to run the CCTV part. He wants me to manage the CCTV staff, and be 1st line of support to the operatives if anything go’s wrong. – And if im being perfectly honest. I really really really want to take the job, as having no qualifications means¬†career’s¬†(rather than jobs) are hard to have. – And this would certainly be a good career.

And the way duncan puts it, once its up and running id have quite a lot of freedom to do my own thing, whether that may be the shop with dave, or a lil shop of my own. Or whatever.

All i know, is that if i do have a total change of job, and start heading towards running the CCTV side of things, that is gonna for a while be important, and 1st priority. Whereas me and dave are supposed to be starting this franchise very soon. But what i don’t want to happen, is me wait and wait and wait for this franchise, and it not happen. Cos if i pass this job opportunity off, because of the franchise, and then that doesn’t take off, then i am truly fucked.

The more this day go’s on, the more i can see me handing my notice in on the 1st day back after xmas. – Nothing personal to this company, but its small potatoes, i aint small potatoes!

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