My Past

New look – again

Today i have changed my theme, as i was beginning to get bored with he last one. Again i have gone for simplicity, and ease of use. I don’t want fancy flashy shit, i did at one point, just not now. I want simply a site that displays my notes, and thoughts and ideas, in a nice simple layout. – I think i achieve that with this.

Alex has started sorting his blog out, he is using as his blog, and his other domains for other stuff. He’s a top lad, and me and him seem to get on well. I chat to him most days now on email, even if his wife/partner doesn’t like me. – I guess he has the same problem we all have, and that is that maxxd can become to involved, and too big a part of our lives.

Its true that is. I have had so many things fuck up for me over the years because of I don’t no where i would be today if we had never started it though. I certainly wouldn’t be in this job, i wouldn’t live where i do now, and i wouldn’t know half as many people as i do.

Its nearly xmas, and i never expected myself to be here as long as i have. I planned on stopping until me and dave got something sorted. Pfft, dave’s new job seems to be taking up so much of his time, i wonder if this will ever actually get done. – Ah well, at least i can do something with the trainers.,. Hmm.. what to do with trainers…

Since the last time i updated i have learnt…

Pug 502’s do exist

my gf has a sexy um

this plate rules

The xmas celebrations start this weekend. Got bowling with MMX3 on saturday, then i think in the week we going to the races, and then the weekend after its the maxxd annual xmas night out, and the list go’s on and on. Lets just thank someone i have done lots of work, and will have enough cash to have a good xmas! Me and my baby both deserve it, and i wont let anything or anyone get in the way! 🙂

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