My Past

The weekend of boredom. Its OVER!

Well, im a lot less tired than i thought id be. The morning has flown by, and so far i haven’t done much, but I’ve managed to keep up to speed with the workload. I gotta wait to hear back from the guy who’s buying my polo, as he wants to pick it up tonight. – I gotta meet him at newark train station tho, so hopefully scott can take me, and i don’t have to drive 2 cars down lol.

The weekend again, has gone so fast when i look back.. But i cant help think how much it dragged whilst i was there. I woke up this morning to find the genny had turned off, so not only was it pitch black, it was absolutely FREEZING as well! It was one of the worst wake up calls I’ve ever had!

I managed to get the genny started, but the external lights wouldn’t come on, so it was pitch black outside for ages. I was scared, cold and my back hurt!

Over the course of the weekend i learnt the following..

mnm racing is hard

pre-rolls rules

rainbows amaze even when your old

There was no trouble all weekend, not even so much as an attempted break in 🙁 Oh well, i guess i didn’t die!

All i want now, is to go home, sit down in a comfy chair, and mulch all night. Yes that’s right, mulch!

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