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ipod’s – more than just a mp3 player?

Venice Beach, CA. Revere Greist, an amateur bike racer in Los Angeles, said his iPod likes the rapper 50 Cent — and perhaps more importantly, that it knows exactly the right time to play 50 Cent’s most famous song, “In Da Club.”
PHOTO CREDIT: Alex di Suvero for The New York Times

haha, i was checkin out the register, when i stumbled on a review on the ipod shuffle. i started reading it and half way down there is a bit about how ipods can sence stuff, and prefer different types of music?

absalute garbage u say?

i feel quite stupid saying this, but i dont no if its bollocks or not!

here is a quote from the NYT website:

“Revere Greist, a doctoral student and amateur bicycle racer in Los Angeles, has concluded that his iPod’s Shuffle command favors the rapper 50 Cent – and perhaps more important, that it knows exactly the right time to play 50 Cent’s biggest hit, “In Da Club.” He finds the dramatic beat, coupled with the lyrics “Go Shorty, it’s your birthday,” inspirational.”

now i own a ipod, and it obviously has a shuffle option on it, and i have to say that a lot of the time i wonder if it does pick specific tracks out, as the same 50 or so tracks get played ALL the time?!

but thinkin about it logically, it cannot be true, so it must be conicidence.

there are a lot of people saying that their ipod (for example) like rap music, but on further investigation 8 out of 10 tracks on the person ipod would be rap music, so its hardly coincidence!

but it does remain a mystery, as mine DOES appear to prefer types of music! 🙂

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