My Past

oh what a night

oh what a night,
it was ear-ly mornin a-bout 2 am,
when i de-cided to feed me sen,
what a pizza, what a night.

oh what a night,
i was standing waitin for my pizza pie,
when i looked up an i saw a guy,
he was wearing a pink shirt.

oh what a night,
i looked up and i saw his male friend,
he was wearing the same clothes as him,
think that is it a gay night.

ohhh ahhh, got a funny feelin, so i walked, i walked out the room,
and, i, i decided to go back innnnn.. i wanted fooood.

i wanted food,

i wanted fooood,

i wanted fooooood,

hahahah… i jsut wrote that with the “Oh what a night” tune in my head, see if you can make it fit. haha

i was gettin a pizza on my lunch break last night about 2am, and i was standing waiting, when i looked about me, and i noticed that all the people in town, were men, and they were all hugging each other. i spun out at first, but then realised it was wednesday, and it was gay night, GREAT, only RET fat chicks and homo’s around me.. wonderful.

so i got my pizza and scarperd.

think the pizza may of given me a mild form of food poisioning as i felt very ill after eating it, but i think my stomach acid has kicked its ass!

only got 1 more full shift, and 1 half shift left at metalbox, and hopefully thats it!

i said i would never go back there when i left before i started ancis, so ill not say it again in case it jinx’s me!

oh, another very random thing i saw, was a black woman with the BIGGEST pair of nockers i have ever seen on a person in real life, in my whole life, i swear down they were about twice as big as her head, each. she was a big woman like, but the figure hugging white top she had on just made her wangers stand out more! they were fuckin huge!

i keep gettin moaned at in the house for little insignificant things, hope our new venture takes off so i can buy my own bloody house! or a flat. i think daz has lived with me for about the right amount of time now, feels like ive lived here all my life really, its strange, but i couldnt imagine going back home, no way. my friend marc at work moved out of home in with his mates, and moved back home a couple of weeks later. i suppose if the period away from home isnt that long, then its easy to go back, im sure ive lived here about 3 years. omg.

any way, waffle waffle.

im gettin very tired.

so, bye.

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