My Past

got a new job

well then, i got a new job! went for my interview today at, and it went bloody brilliantly!

my role is to operate massive printers, re-draw customers log’s and a whole load of other cool stuff, making the job extremly varied, which is what i like!

ive worked with the people before, and the enviroment is a cool one to work in, so ROLL ON MONDAY! 😀

saxo exhaust been fixed today, as it was fuxx0red, scotts welded it up for me for £20 at his work, WHICH by the way is 2 seconds from my new workplace!

and KO works opposite! WOOP!

this fianlly means it doenst matter if i dont have a car on the road now, cos i can walk to work! OMG i still cant believe it!

…im going to celebrate now!

holla! 😀

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