My Past

wind thru ma hiz-air

lol, i rode daz’s ped to work this mornin! its fuckin fantastic! im buying it off him for £250!!

its one of these bad boys, will do 65/70mph and its so much fun to drive! im gonna get it n spray it the same as my car is gonna be! black n chrome! and im gonna carry it to shows n use it for raggin about instead of driving my car about n gettin it dirty!

and update on my “month in hand” situation, i have shown my boss my bank statement and my start date and he went off huffin n puffin and came back saying i would get it and he was gonna kick MS’s ass! mint! im blatently payin off one of my loans with it! happy days!

anyway, im in a better mood today! so if any 1 wants anyhting then they best ask me soon! before the pressurees of my life catch up and drag me back down! lol

sionara 🙂

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