My Past


hahahah, this made me fuckin smile! my work ppl said that they wernt gonna pay me a month in hand cos i didnt work one whne i first started! WELL i have found my bank statement from the month i started that PROVES i worked a month in hand!! yes you fucker!

but i bet i still get fobbed off, blatently!

i have told MC that i need to leave as soon as possible, and if i speak to MC on the fone at all today, im gonna tell him i need to leave at the end of this week! he is being ok about it its RG that seems to have a hidden agenda.

oh well, be rate. Need to get these fuckin bitniss’s up n running cos im sick of gettin up at st00pid oclock AM..

big up jules if ur reading 😛

peace out, got MORE pics to add, will push my randomness to over 1000 images!! WOOP!

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