I’ll probably regret this…

I had an hour or so to burn last night and I was on my laptop sorting some crypto stuff and tidying up my local backed up files, when I found a page that I had saved from the Wayback machine, it was a page of blogs from 2006 that I posted on here, but when this website was powered by some other software.

I then realised that since its birth, this website had been made in roughly 4 different operating systems, and I know for a fact I didnt port posts from all of them, so I spent the next hour or so trawling the wayback machine from 2003 to the present day, ensuring all the posts I have ever made since 2003 are on this website.

Now, I have a few comments missing and possibly one or two posts missing, but I’m pleased to announce that this blog is now an (almost) complete story of my life for the last 15 years.

Many of the posts from the early days dont exactly read very well, it was very much a “weblog” back in the day, and some of the content is extremely incriminating but you know what – I have nothing to hide, im not ashamed of my past, and for that very reason I am today lifting the paygate that I’ve had on the website for the last few years. My posts are no longer censored. (or more recently) for the last 15 years, in pure uncensored glory.


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