4×4 Off Road Events Calendar & Info – Pet Project

OK, so i’m not one for just tagging along and joining in – eventually I have to get involved, or do something off my own back.

Whether that be with Modified Cars when I was younger, or Adidas Superstars when I got bit older. The next hobby to fall into this trap, is Off Roading.

I have been into off-roading for a long time now, but only had my own truck for the last 3 or 4 years. Since then, ive been to various Pay and Play days and even ventured to Wales earlier this year (it was AMAZING) but as I looked for events to go to and things to do, I found it increasingly frustrating that I wasn’t able to simply go to one website and find out all the info I needed.

MuddedUK Off Road Events & Info

So, MuddedUK was born.

I have initially started it so that I personally know when events are on, and where they are. Eventually I would love it to earn its keep and become more than just my personal Off Road Events Calendar – but until then im just happy I can sync all the event info to my phone – and always know when the next event is taking place. 🙂

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