The Truth Behind the Marina Joyce Saga

Over the last few years ive become enthralled in the YouTube community and how it seems to be a world unto itself. There are major celebrities on there that have never graced the big screens, TV or any other medium apart from YouTube, one of those “Celebrities” is Marina Joyce…

Marina Joyce

Now, I dont follow fashion channels and im not a girl – so initially this didnt even come onto my radar, but a few nights ago I watched a video from Phil DeFranco and he was talking about it in more detail. I was intrigued, so did some research – And I can see why so much hype and discussion has been born off the back of this…

Marina Joyce Backstory.

Marina Joyce is a YouTuber that covers very girly subjects, date outfit ideas, summer outfits, things to say to boys bla bla bla. Her style is quite bright and colourful and happy – and up until fairly recently her videos were well researched, professionally shot and edited. She is/was a professional YouTuber and she had (before this all kicked off) amassed around 600,000 subscribers along the way. Not too shabby!

Then, it seemed like out of nowhere her demeanor changed, her confidence vanished, her camera skills (shooting and acting) went to shit and her last few videos are just really peculiar – i’d even go as far as to say they are quite uncomfortable to watch!

Now, there are a few theories that could explain what is happening to Marina Joyce, and ive listed them below with my personal views on each matter;

Captured by ISIS and being held to ransom.

Come on guys. Really? Hopefully I dont have to explain why this is a stupid theory. Why would ISIS go after someone like Marina Joyce? When they could take Michelle Phan (8.6 million subscribers)…..Hang on… as if ISIS would kidnap a youtuber full stop! Next!

Victim of Domestic Abuse.

As awful as this would be, this theory a realistic one. The last batch of videos she has shown a lack of confidence, and she almost looks distant or that she has something weighing her down.

A few people have commented on the fact she is seen glancing off camera and sometimes looks scared to death. This would be indicative of domestic abuse (or that she’s being held to ransom by ISIS – see point 1 above) and she is also shown covered in bruises. In a video with ComedyShortsGamer – who set up a Q&A session with her that was quite blatantly set up to answer some of the questions the community have been asking – she says the bruises are because she goes on adventures in the woods etc and always falls over. Hmm.

She just comes across as being very distracted, spaced out, and that could be due to domestic abuse.

She’s high as a kite

Philip DeFranco touched upon a point that recently, Marina Joyce posted something on Facebook claiming she wanted to be a God and worshipped like Buddha. She also spoke about wanting to build a retreat on Machu Picchu in Peru.

Crazy, right? As if she’d get the planning permission haha.

But seriously, she refers to a Kundalini Yoga Retreat which according to Phil is often associated with holistic/alternitive drug/medicine use and entering states of meditation that people often struggle to come back from.

She talks a lot about a recent near death experience and how her mind has been opened and how she can see and speak to spirits – maybe shes now permanently trippin’ on some meditation/hallucinogen related trip?

She Cant Handle the Pressure.

Ok, so im throwing this one in the mix as this is a theory of mine, and not one ive seen floating about YouTube.

Another reason why Marina Joyce has (or appears to) have lost her confidence, how she looks to be seeking approval from someone off camera and is fumbling her words etc – is that perhaps she is drowning in the popularity a bit? Maybe she did intend to stir things up a bit but its become totally overwhelming, and that has caused her brain to go off on some “God Complex” hype.

She could now potentially be working with a larger team to make her videos – perhaps the presence of so many people off camera makes her nervous? Or maybe she is being sponsored by a large advertising agency or something who are quite demanding, and being the small, naeve girl she is then maybe she’s struggling to spin all the plates and keep everyone happy (or thinks that way, and its playing on her mind?)

Sure, there are elements of the saga that dont fit in with this (IE she’s appeared on other channels and is equally as weird, and none of those channel owners have come forward to say she brought an entourage with her – and also the fact she’s posting cryptic facebook posts about building temples and people calling her a God) but as a bit of an outsider to this story it’s certainly more plausible than the ISIS theory, which made headlines around the world!

She is losing her mind.

Aside from all other theories, the more of her recent videos you watch and the more you compare them to the facts stated by Anna Campbell and other similar YouTubers, you cant deny that this theory fits the bill.

I won’t reinvent the wheel though, just watch Anna’s video (there is a part 2 on her channel)

Now apparently Marina has come forward to admit it was all a hoax – however you cannot deny the change in the way Marina talks, acts and the general vibe you get from her videos.

To summarise, I totally agree with Anna and I believe this girl is going through some mental health issues, and due to the fact this girl is a YouTuber, we are all witnessing a young british girl lose her mind, online.

Take from this what you will – and I genuinely hope this girl gets the help she needs – post your thoughts and comments below and if you find or see anything else that may bolster one of these arguments or squash them then I would love to see it.


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