Amazon / Facebook SCAM – Linking credit cards to your account

I get sent SO many different styles of scam email, some are the same old thing recycled, some are bloody clever and others sit somewhere in the middle.

All of them are devious and sneaky though, this one being no exception!


From: “department_amazon” <>
Date: 4 Oct 2015 01:39
Subject: noreply [notice number [1707302085]

Then an image that didnt load, probably an Amazon logo, followed by this text;

Form required

thank you for shopping with amazon
we are sorry to inform you that regarding your account we are unable to link your credit card in your account.
we closed your account temporarily until we hear from you
What should you do !
1-download the secure browser window from:
2-login to your account and follow the steps
. .



Devious, sneaky but written by a friggin moron! No capital letters at the start of sentences, spaces before punctuation, inaccurate descriptions of stuff – this would never had been signed off by Amazon 🙂

The link was a strange one too, it looks fairly normal above but when you hover over it, it went to;


Never seen Facebook hosting something being used in a scam before – I havent clicked it but I suspect it either encourages you to download something else, it will redirect me to some nasty website or it will give me instructions on the next actions they want me to take.

Be careful though peeps – you would have to be pretty simple to think this is a real email but for every 1000 people who see this for what it is – there will be 1 person who falls for it and that may be all they need.

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