SCAM Utilities Expert Cold Call SCAMMER WARNING!

Utilities Expert ScamOwlJust had a call at work from an indian chap claiming to be from Utilities Expert. I recorded the call and tried to bait him with false info so we could get to his recommendations. – but unfortunately he caught me off guard and I didn’t have the correct info to hand.

The sales pitch was very familiar though, said he was calling and could get me best prices, he just needed my meter number, end date, current rates, mothers maiden name, the number of moles on my ass, etc etc (so everything basically) also he did ZERO security checks to see if I was actually the person I claimed to be.

I gave them some made up info but it didn’t wash, I then tried to get him to just tell me rates without the info but he wasnt interested.

I dont care what anyone says though, if they don’t have that info to hand then they are not supposed to be calling me. Even the “Brokers” used by most companies seem to have access to certain “Systems” that contain actual real information.

So be careful peeps!

The phone showed the number they were calling from was “010101” which is obviously wrong, but If you get a call from someone claiming to want to offer you a better deal on your gas and/or electricity and they know nothing about you apart from info anyone could get off the internet – then its probably a scam.

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Interesting call, an easy way to get around any regulation within the UK. Masking CLI is against the Code of Practice within the UK: (this should be checked to see that it is still in date)

So any business who uses CLI which doesn’t relate to their business could be breaching this code. Foreign companies are not, of course, bound by the code which is why they’re used for this type of call.

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