Simon Macbeth Followup – Round 2!

–> Meet Simon Macbeth 🙂 <–

I get a fair few emails relating to scams and scammers (I do invite them though so this isnt a complaint) and quite recently i’ve once again been receiving a fair few Simon Macbeth related emails, comments and activity.

The “Simon Macbeth Exposed” website had once again been taken down.

I sent some emails out, and It turns out that the lowlife has had Dan remove the website once again cos our mate Simon doesn’t like people knowing the truth about him. How would he carry on making money by stealing it from hard working people if his cover is blown?

I have also been forwarded an email from another upset customer of his pikey “1-to-1 web design” company, their relationship had broken down and one of the forwarded messages contained the FTP and email setup information –  he had created the main FTP password to be (and lets pretend the company is called Jims Baloons) JimsBaloonsAreCrap – Really? How old are you, Simon?

This poor company have also had ÂŁ100’s taken from their bank for no apparent reason – and like with almost every other nasty situation relating to this assclown, he had some clause or contract small print to throw back in their faces and “legally” justify his actions. I know we should always ensure we read contracts before signing them but then there is also a responsibility on the person creating the contract and also the person making it official, to ensure that its fair and cannot be easily exploited.

As with many conflicts in life, we have the benefit in that we have strength in numbers. He is just one ma… err.. pers…. errr… he is just one “thing”. If you are a victim of Simon Macbeth from Leeds or you are a disgruntled/angry customer of 1 to 1 Web Design in Leeds then please post your feelings and experiences in the comments below and help us dominate Google to hopefully keep other people safe.

Ooooo he’s not gonna like this…


Pfftt haha 🙂

–> Meet Simon Macbeth 🙂 <–

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Contact Nominet, and ask them about the rules regarding sole trader status, and the SLD Charter (i.e domain names).

From browsing the web design website, I’ve come across a further two links which I’ve checked. Two out of three have sold trader status but no name which goes against Nominet rules, the status for the third is unknown. Two are using an address in London (even thou the trading address is in Roundhay, Leeds), and two are using non-profit SLDs (Second Level Domains), which does against the SLD charter.

I believe some links have vanished under the data protection law. I came across a Facebook posting a number of days ago (it was a complaint regarding Simon Macbeth from May 2012, from when he worked as a manager).

I’ve dug a big further, it seems he went by the name: Simon Naylor back in prior to 2010, he appointed CO in Feb 2010 at a company called Addicted-to-Treacle. It’s dissolved since, however the stickler is the address. It’s the same as he’s currently using. There are some forum posts from back there that mention both names (he tried to sell a host in June 2011).

I can’t believe the attitude of trading standards. Maybe the way forward is to find back history (Addicted-to-Treacle, it was a Ltd), and to report the domain names to Nominet.

Holy shitnacks. Search using the address in Roundhay, I just found the motherload. He’s owned numerous companies.

There’s an article from June 2012 about unlawful eviction (USComplaints). It mentions both names, and it lists related complaints (i.e. Leeds Domestic Cleaning).

*Correction to previous. CO = Director.

PS using the AU domain for Google reveals further results

It looks as though he has removed the Facebook page, so a small victory. On a personal note, my mother died last week unexpectedly, which has been awful. So not only has Simon cost me my job, but now I have to try and find a new one as well as planning a funeral.

He has created tons of fake Facebook profiles and is trying to ruin my business. Please can someone contact me as I have a meeting with my solicitor

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