“Irrevocable Payment Order via ATM Card” SCAM

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This is an old take on a common scam whereby a scammer emails a random person claiming to be in a position of authority – normally within a bank or financial institute – and they usually claim to have access to a large amount of money that they either need to get rid of, or that you are apparently the winner of.

I received an email today actually from;

From: Your payment <>
Date: 23 February 2015 at 13:40
Subject: Your Payment
To: Coleweb31 <>

So as per the normal scams of this nature, its made to look like I’ve possibly received it by accident – which I believe is to make me think I’m reading something I shouldn’t – natural intuition.

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Its also cleverly worded, so that the first thing I see is about money – meaning I’m intrigued straight away. The next thing is a “normal” looking name and an email address that actually isn’t too bad (normally they are awful) and surprisingly the “Reply to” address is also the email – usually you find that when you hit reply it wants to send the email to something totally different.

Anyway, this scam is branded up with UN (United Nations) logos and claims to be from their “Monetary Unit” and is an apology that my payment is delayed and that they really want to get the money to me.

According to this attachment, I have to contact “Mr Brown Mathics” with all the details about myself, bank details etc and they they can wire me the monies – or something.

I shouldn’t have to really explain why this is a scam, its obviously a scam. The email address isnt a UN one. There is no content in the email apart from the attachment. The attachment is TERRIBLE quality.


HTH. 🙂

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