Disturbing thoughts about 9/11

Im sure by now we’ve all heard at least one conspiracy theory surrounding 9/11 and what actually happened on that day – even theories about why it actually happened – but until recently i’ve never really thought much into any of them as they are after all, just theories. However thanks to some research a couple of friends and I have been looking into I actually took a step back for once, and embraced one of those theories as truth – and I instantly felt sick to my stomach…

Almost immediately after the event happened on September 11th 2001 people starting claiming it was a setup, or it was a controlled explosion etc and the general background story associated with all these theories was that it was linked to some kind of insurance claim or something – but it all sounded so ridiculous and personally I lost interest in them. I accepted that it was “terrorists” and they did it because they were crazy religion-orientated bastards.

Zooming to the present day and as I mentioned earlier me and some friends have been obsessed by a number of theories that basically turn most of what we all know and believe on its head. Watch the Zeitgeist movie as that does a better job of explaining it all than I ever could.

One of these theories suggests that 9/11 was simply an exercise to get the US people (and the rest of the world) to back a war in Afghanistan so that (in short) someone at the top of the ladder could get to the oil and other resources in Afghanistan and make a sh!t load of money.

Again – watch the Zeitgeist movie first before you start calling me a complete nutjob.

The reason this theory made me feel physically sick is the fact that this would mean the people that died in those planes, the buildings and then in the rescue attempts afterwards did not die as a result of a terrorist attack, they weren’t killed so someone could directly claim off their insurance (this would also be gross tbf) it meant that all those people were murdered by someone – probably arranged over email – who used their deaths as leverage in a business deal.

The idea that it might not have been terrorists is actually more sickening than what we’ve been lead to believe is the truth.

Whether it is true or not I guess we’ll never really know, and I don’t know if I believe it was all controlled explosions rather than planes being flown into the towers, but the actual reasons behind why it actually happened are something that has left me feeling intrigued and disturbed in equal measures.

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