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iBallz Product Testing – Lobbing the S3 around the room

Broken Tech :(I recently witnessed a friend of mine giving one of their kids their iPhone to play with… Minutes later he dropped it and broke the screen. They then proceeded to give him the iPad so he could carry on playing his game – to keep him from causing mischief!

Minutes later…. iPad dropped – screen cracked!

I really felt for them, they just wanted their son to stay out of trouble and they were left with £100’s of repairs…

This got us thinking… Surely there is a solution for this?

And low and behold, we found one!

Presenting… iBallz!

We bought some from and tested them with my work phone before we tested on a more expensive tablet…

They work so well – its untrue! Don’t get me wrong, they are not the most pretty of things to be sticking on the corners of your iPad or tablet, but do you want to protect the screen or not? LOL

At £16 with free delivery, they are a steal too!

NB: The average iPad screen repair starts at £100!

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