An actual android tablet that is awesome – nexus 10 review

Ok, it seems i was a little too hasty when it came to my last post about my new android tablet as shortly after I posted it, it stopped charging and became totally useless. I had tried to source a cheap android tablet and I had failed.

So I thought sod it, and bought a Nexus 10 on launch day – I haven’t looked back.

The first issue I had with the previous tablet, was that the battery (when it actually worked) lasted about 3 hours at most and to be honest that’s just not long enough! When using a tablet you want to be able to enjoy a days worth of whatever it is you are doing at least – which I’m pleased to announce is the first ‘plus one’ for the nexus as the battery life is amazing!

So far I haven’t run out of battery in a single day no matter how much I use it, even during lazy Sundays where we watch Storage Wars or something equally as cool alllllllll day!

The other and quite possibly the most important difference between the two tablets is quite simply the usability. The cheap tablet lagged a lot, was slow to respond and just didn’t do what you wanted it to do. The nexus 10 opens stuff immediately when you tap it, the keyboard is large enough to get a full on speed type going off (when twinned with SwiftKey of course!) so you can fully use it as a replacement for a laptop or net book or whatever, unless of course you want to do full on video editing or make a vector logo or something – although I’m sure it won’t be long before you can do everything via a tablet.

The build quality of both tablets was good as I think that’s the one element the Chinese spent a fair bit of time on, however the nexus is still better overall. When you are holding it, it feels comfortable and you are confident its not going to fall out your hands.

To summarise, and you can just tell the nexus device is one that had a fair bit of quality control to ensure its stable, and reliable a d actually usable – after owning it for a few weeks I have completely removed the need for paper in my work life, and spend hours using the tablet for checking ebay, Web browsing and everything else you do on your laptop.

The only bad points I can raise is that all torrent apps force close the device but then I think that is the same on most tablets and Google Chrome crashes it every now a days then too…

That’s the one app that shouldn’t really! It is a Google tablet after all!

Also this whole blog post was written with ease on my nexus 10 with SwiftKey!

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