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Been there done that…

It sometimes feels like ive been doing this internet stuff for far too long now. I remember being 13 and creating skins for mIRC, and making websites with frames using a very old version of Macromedia Dreamweaver.

Its all changed so much since then, the speed of the net, the quality of the websites, the amount of websites…

Even what the internet is used for has changed.

Back in the day people didnt even trust Amazon when buying online – now they will put their details in any site that wears a padlock despite it potentially being dodgy.

The pace in which the internet has grown has increased massivly since social networking websites started to crop up, and websites like YouTube mean that you can stream videos and music, instantly, and totally free.

I often wonder what the internet will become as technology and peoples ideas continue to grow.

Its all crazy shit really.


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Wonder if people will ever stop using dreamweaver!

Everything online does evolve at such as pace though doesn’t it. On the plus side the faster the web moves, the quicker people need new sites!

Yes, I remember using frames instead of divs. I was using dreamweaver too with my websites. but now, wordpress has taken almost everyone to the next level. Dreamweaver is still useful but there are a lot of editors available right now that does not consume much of your hard drive’s memory. lol.

Anthony E. Herbert

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