Free Motorcycle Helmet Vector AI Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is something that i haven’t really played around with too much, but whenever i do any logo work or anything like that i always try to use it if i can achieve what i want with my limited knowledge of its features.

During a recent project i needed a outline drawing of a motorcycle helmet, and after looking for a while i decided it would probably be better to draw one. So i played around with a few things and ended up with this very basic outline drawing (side view) of a motorcycle helmet.

The internet has taught me pretty much everything i know, and that includes what i know about illustrator – most of the things i have learnt have been thanks to free templates and vector images i have downloaded and been able to play around with, so i figured I’d stick this here as it may help someone else 🙂

Just click here or click on the image to download for free!

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