Fix up, look sharp.

Well, things have really turned a corner since the last time i blogged about my life. Gem and I have managed to give our bank balance a kick up the arse, and that is a lot more positive now thanks to selling anything we didn’t need, and replacing gems car with a 1.4 TD fiesta (From £120 (max) down to £20 per week on fuel!)

Work has turned a corner too, Dave and I are now pretty much salesmen – ive spent more time sending quotes out over the last two weeks than I ever have before in my life. Its fab through because we have enquiries and quotes bouncing all over the place, and im now lining work up for weeks in the future as we are getting very busy.

The new starters are doing amazingly too, Sian is getting on well with her Admin tasks, Danny is now a social media wizard, and Ashley is becoming a SEO expert overnight! I really hope that by the time their 6 months is up we can give them all a job as they are 3 switched on young people!

My aim in life now is simply to become financially stable, so that if something happens that i need £500 for, i pay for it out my bank, then save that £500 back up again. Whereas at the mo, i’d have to wait for the £500 to be saved before i could rectify the problem.

We’re not thinking about houses, marriages, new cars, expensive holidays…. None of that! Just to become financially stable. Thats it!

We’re off to a brilliant start, though 🙂

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Man, David and I can relate to you on so much of that! Glad things are looking up for you though buddy 🙂 xx

Cracking stuff then mate. Things seem to be taking a turn around for me too! Hopefully I’ll have Claire moving in soon thus freeing myself some capital that way, as she’s agreed to pay her way, specially now she’s just graduated and got herself a job. Glad to see things are working out for you stizzle. You’ve come a long way from our place mate. 🙂

Peace out

That’s some good advice there! If only I’d had it a few years ago and maybe then I wouldn’t have been so silly with things. My problem is, I get carried away with myself. As soon as things start getting a bit better financially I start thinking all sorts of crazy crap like… “I’m gonna get a mortgage!” “I’m gonna buy a new car!” or even worse… “David, can we have another dog?!” 😛 I’m way too impulsive. It’s good that David is there to calm me down really… though don’t tell him I said that. 😛 We both just need to get to that same place you need to get to… where we don’t panic when something goes wrong with our cars, where we don’t drive around for 6 weeks with no exhaust haha. We should just have the money to pay for these kind of things. Remind me I said this though later on when I’m looking at holidays and looking at new shoes 😛

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