Worst month for a long time

Well – sometimes in life you get so carried away with what you are doing, that you stop looking a the bigger picture – and things start to slip!

Both Gemma and Myself have been busy working, living and enjoying ourselves that we let the maintenance of gemmas car slip, and it died again at a really awkward time! This lead to some serious decisions being made – some that we never thought we’d have to, but then every so often life catches up with you and reality bites – and it can hurt a lot!

We came to the conclusion, that i would have to sell My Caddy so we could buy a new car for gem, then sell her car and use the money to start our savings…

This put me in a deep (deep) state of depression.. I’ve honestly not felt as low as that since i was 19 and FLAT BROKE… It effected my life and mood so much we had to re-assess what we were doing. The day after we put a plan in place that outlined a more sensible way to get the money, and thankfully it didn’t involve selling my car. *phew*

We are currently selling gems Ronal Turbos and a load of other shit and we are living on a budget at the mo so that we can save as much as possible.

But until we can sort a new car, Gemma and Bonnie are having to stay at her Mum’s which means im home alone 🙁 and that makes my mood even worse :'(

Then today i went to post some stuff we’ve sold, put our card into an ATM machine and it had no £10 notes – so in a bid to NOT spend money unnecessarily (i only needed a tenner) i pressed cancel…

“We have retained your card”

What the fuck??

So now im home alone.. with a broken car (2 actually).. no money.. No Gemma… No Bonnie.. :'(

Where the fuck is my silver lining this time? Eh?

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Possible Silver Lining: time alone has Made you refocus on the important things in both your business an personal life? I know whenever I have down moments, I look at photos of Jess and remember what I’m doing it for.

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