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World Cup 2010 Claiming Online Promotions SCAM!

This email came to me in a totally different format to most scam emails that grace my inbox. It was actually sent with formatting (different coloured text etc) ad came with a JPG attachment that had today’s date on it – and looked much more professional than most.

Its blatantly obvious its a scam – here’s some reason why.

  1. Its claiming i have won a Football orientated prize – i hate football and am in no way associated with any football sites, clubs or organisations, so there is no way they could of got my works email account to add to a draw.
  2. Its claiming ive won $2,754,000.00! – Err… In my DREAMS!
  3. The email account it has been sent from is: – umm… a company giving out $2.7 million as a prize aint gonna be using hotmail now, are they?
  4. The reply-to address is – is some Russian bullshit portal.

It isn’t hard to identify them as scams – just look at some of the points ive covered above and you’ll always be one step ahead.

Here’s the content of the email they sent to me.

This is FIFA World Cup Claiming Online Promotions Award Notification, Do Open Attachment File For Details.

Yours Truly,

Mrs. Carolyn A. Taylor
Promotions Manager
FIFA World Cup Claiming Online Promotions
Eastern Cape, South Africa
Copy Right (C) 2010
(Reg No: 2000/003778/09)

And here is the attachment I received with it;

I have of course replied making out to be some kind of retard – lets see what fun we can have with this one.

I will of course, keep you posted.

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