Bargain bagged, and moving forward

Well, since my last blog post i have managed to bag a BARGAIN on ebay! I have won a unused, 2g iphone for £174!

I know its NOT a 3g one – but i really could not find one for £200 or under that wasn’t broken or something. Anyway, after weighing up the difference between a iphone 2g and a iphone 3g, i decided to opt for the 2g one for now – and if i find im being held up by its lack of 3g-ness then ill upgrade after xmas (when there are lots of unwanted xmas prezzies on eBay 😉 )

I’m still waiting for it to be delivered, but i already have the apps, games and hacks bookmarked on my PC!

In other news i am in my final week of slave-labor at the box, i should get a lot of money through for my last week or so, and hopefully ill have enough money to put another £400 in the bank, and have enough left over to spend a bit on the car.

4 more shifts to go!


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