Bonnie The Dog

Well, i guess im really growed up now!

Daddy was working night times one time, and when he came in early in the morning so we could go for a walk, he started making a fuss about some stuff on the floor and acting like i was poorly? The next day there was more of the things on the floor, and then my “bits” swelled up!

I was a bit scared to be honest but i could still go for walks and chase sticks so i forgot about it after a while. It did start irritating me so mum took me to mr riley the vet man and he said it was swelled a bit but it would be fine. He also did something with my bottom and it was so releaving! It was like scratching the itch on my bum i could never reach!

So yeah, im pretty much an adult now. Im an independent girl in this big world.. Except for food times, sleep times, walkies and some other stuff.. Apart from that im totaly independant! 🙂

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2 Bonnie . . . i was looking up springadors on google when i came across ur blog and couldnt believe just how much u look like me! ive never met any doggy like me. bet everyone that meets u says the same comments 2 u also, about how beautiful ur eyes are, ur soft shiney coat and cute chocolate button nose! im a little younger though, i was born 3 feb 2008 and have 2 white paws. if u want pics im happy 2 send. love dora x p.s mummy helped me type.

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