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I am a growed up now

Sorry for the lack of updates friends, i have been such a busy girl growing up! I now have a boyfriend called beau, and he is a chocolate puppy too! I see him when i go down the woods with my grandma and the ginger nuts.

There is also a chocolate Labrador next door but one called alfie, he’s only a baby still but hopefully one day he will come over and play! He has to bring his own toys though as he is not borrowing mine!

Bonnie springador picture

I am growing up fast now though. I go for two walks every day unless its the day where i go to my grandmas then i go for one walk.. but its a big one!

Mum keeps asking me if i want a brother or a sister? Im not sure if i’d like that as then it would steal my toys and sticks and i wouldn’t be the centre of attention any more!


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hello baby, grandma says that your not to let your mum talk you into having a bro or sis cos you will have to share everything and you would’nt like that. By the way babes your dad must be colour blind cos the ginger dogs are actually red, but we will have to humour him he can’t help it. Hope you enjoyed your weekend your swimming is improving especially your diving technique love grandma x x x

You’re getting a big girly now Bonnie! Mummy Millie dog will be having more brown puppies next year hopefully so watch out 🙂

Love you lots,
Momma xxx

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